Daniel Tyler’s Class

Daniel Tyler is the 5-8 head-teacher for Riverview Christian Academy (Reno, Nevada).

Mr. Tyler started his 30+ year teaching career by graduating from Walla Walla College (now University) with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a minor in History.  Mr. Tyler has spent much of his career as an upper grade head-teacher.  His experience has included 9th and 10th grade and public school teaching.  Mr. Tyler holds a current NAD Professional Certificate, as well as Washington State teaching certificate.  He has also served on various committees for conferences and the Education Committee for the North Pacific Union Conference.

Mr. Tyler has a passion to help young people know Jesus as their personal Savior.  He desires to help students be fully prepared with the skills they need to be life-long workers for the Lord.  “Only by being fully committed to a relationship with Jesus, can a person truly find happiness!” Mr. Tyler’s style of teaching is definitely hands-on and life skill based.  Mr. Tyler has used outreach opportunities to help students to learn to help others and develop life skills for service for Jesus.

Mr. Tyler and the school board at Riverview Christian Academy have begun to design plans to grow the school to eventually include kindergarten, 9th and 10th grades.